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Susan Ballantine is a Calgary based artist. She considers herself a true Canadian having lived and worked in 5 provinces. Born in Montreal, raised in Southern Ontario, moved to Nova Scotia and Alberta in the seventies, then lived in North Vancouver for 12 years and Regina for a short time. 

Susan started painting here in Calgary with a fired art called Porcelain painting. After many years she decided to work in oils and now acrylic. No more kiln firing.

Her work is inspired by nature, her surroundings and the seasons.  Susan works mostly from her own photographs and loves to explore the intensity and impact of light in florals, landscape, and still life.  Susan enjoys inspiring the eye to see its own magic with the light. Lately she has enjoyed the challenge of abstracting the landscape. 


She seeks to continuously learn and grow by numerous readings, instruction and workshops. She has worked with Mike Svob, Brian Atyeo, John Stuart Pryce, Sue Contini and others


When she’s not painting Susan can be found hunting for vintage items or photographing landscapes, depending on the season.  She also loves to quilt, garden and teach meditation - all of which are elements to enhance her creativity.


Artist Statement

It is only during certain parts of the day that the light is golden and long shadows hide or enhance our view.  The intensity of light and dark change as the eye follows the light and highlights aspects of a painting we do not always see in real life.  Susan looks for this kind of impact in a still life or landscape.  Yet the intensity of light often conveys stillness and has a calming effect on the viewer.  Having studied meditation for over 25 years, Susan allows her painting to emerge with a passionate spark that drives her to paint.  She knows her work will grow and change as she does.  However, the excitement and passion will always show in the energy of a painting. 

 “An Artist cannot fail: it is a success to be one.  – Charles Horton Cooley

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